My take on the map metaphor

I just came across a note I made in one of my Moleskines, probably from around 2007, in which I wrote the following:

Map Metaphor

Suppose I walk through a big city, using a map of that city. I arrive at a big square where there is a church. However, when I look at my city map, I see no church but only a large black cross.

Atheists and materialists like Dawkins, Harris, etc. are now actually arguing that there is no church, but that there is only a black cross. The church that I am seeing, is an illusion. In reality there is only a large black cross.

What they are doing in such a situation is confusing the map with reality.

I wonder whether anything changed since I wrote this note in 2007…

1 thought on “My take on the map metaphor

  1. This sounds a lot like a straw man. Dawkins and Harris would be the first to acknowledge the existence of a building if it is right before their eyes. I would say a holy scripture like the Bible or the Quran is more like a map, and the religious are mistaking it for reality.

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