A musical link between Alan Parsons, Eric Woolfson, and Sigmund Freud

I’m a huge fan of The Alan Parsons Project. I love all of the Alan Parsons Project albums. But in my opinion the best album that the Alan Parsons Project produced, strictly speaking wasn’t an “Alan Parsons Project” (and isn’t listed as such), but for some weird reason, has remained relatively unknown…

I’m talking about the album Freudiana, and it’s strictly speaking a project by Eric Woolfson, who is by many regarded as “the voice” of the Alan Parsons Project. It was originally intended as a musical inspired by the life of Sigmung Freud, and of course about his theory of psychoanalysis and his famous patients (with song titles such as Little Hans and Dora).

I think for philosophers and psychologists familiar with Freuds ideas it is interesting to see how they would consider the image of Freud that emerges from the song lyrics, since it seems to me that Woolfson leaves most of Freud’s sexual stuff away and turns the founder of psychoanalysis into a kind of mystic. Any way, it is clear that Woolfson has emerged himself in Freud’s works, since the lyrics often border on the esoteric and probably are quite incomprehensible to those not steeped in Freud’s work and theories.

But don’t worry, the music is magnificent. It’s among the best that the Alan Parsons Project has produced. And it’s too bad that it has remained so unknown. And it’s a damn shame that the CD is so difficult to come by. (Ebay is perhaps the best place to look for an affordable copy.)

Though the project was almost entirely Woolfson’s work, it was engineered by Alan Parsons and has the Alan Parsons Project sound all over it, including excellent instrumental sounds and orchestral parts, as well as many quite famous singers, such as Leo Sayer, Kiki Dee, John Miles and The Flying Pickets.

Read more about the history of Freudiana here:

Here’s the brilliant title song:

The song title of “Freudiana” by Eric Woolfson and the Alan Parsons Project.


And here’s the entire album, also to be found on Youtube:

The entire Freudiana album.
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