Music – Ion 2

All these songs date back from around 2000-2003... 

A simple song I made experimenting with the arpeggiator of my Yamaha CS6X synth. Everything is played “live”, recorded straigh to the harddisk of my computer (and thus there are a few glitches…).

One of my early experiments to make some more professional dance music. It lacks compression, bass, drum, and all that, but the melody is nice. I like the feel of the song.

This was simply an experiment demolishing some samples. Atmospheric sounds, no melody, just noise…

Another attempt to make dance music. As with no. 2, it lacks compression, a pumping bass line, etc., and it is too soft. But again, I still like the feel of the song.

When I was still playing in a band, I made this piece. However, since we had no lyrics accompanying the song, it never got off the ground. Too bad, because it sounds nice (I think). It’s completely composed and arranged using the Korg X5D.

This song featured on the demo-cd accompanying the Dutch EM-music magazine Interface in September 2004.

7. Flux

(Andrew (“Andy”) Green, remix Ion)

A remix that I made of a song by Andrew (“Andy”) Green from the UK, produced with the wonderful program FL Studio Producer Edition.

A dance remix of an old song of mine. Featuring the Access Virus C, and a Boss BR-1600CD harddiskrecorder – and FL Studio Producer Edition. Reveals the influences of Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk on my music.

9. Dreams of Innocence (DJ-Dance remix)

A dance song with a sensual touch to it. It is composed using FL Studio Producer Edition again as the basic tool, but this time I made much more use of my Boss harddiskrecorder and the Virus. The final mix was produced in FL Studio. The main kick drum was created using the freeware-program Stomper. Also, I used some soft synths extensively, such as the Sytrus, Vanguard, and Synth1. Also, hidden somewhere in the sonic chaos there is a sample from Tangerine Dream’s Hyperborea.

A song that is not quite finished yet, as you may notice. Something still is missing, and my guess is, it’s a guitar…

Once again, a dance song, with a nice melody.

A long dance song with some ambient features (including samples from The Matrix) and a slightly Ferry-Corsten-like beat.

13. White Eagle (Dance Remix)

(E. Froese, C. Franke, J. Schmoelling, remix by Ion)

This is my first attempt to make a remix. This is a remix of the classic song “White Eagle” from Tangerine Dream (from their 1982 album White Eagle). I always loved this track, I think it’s Tangerine Dream’s best song. I reworked the track into a completely new dance mix.

14. Not Without the Mind (Out Of The Matrix Remix)

A remix of no. 12. Made entirely in FLStudio.

A sunny song with a nice feel to it. Again composed entirely in FLStudio. Ultimately left not quite finished…