Music – Ion 1

The Songs from Chaotic World of Sound... Isn't It?:

These songs (with the exception of the last two) are composed and produced with a Korg X5D synthesizer - a powerful and underappreciated device. Notice: only the Korg X5D and its internal effects are used in these compositions, programmed with a sequencer computer program! Okay, I have used a sample here and there (such as a clock sample, and occasionally a cymbal sample to complement the drums), but that's all!! The rest is pure Korg...

Unfortunately, at the time that I composed these songs, I didn't own a powerful computer. When rendering the files to MP3-files, I used 128 bits compression, which by today's standards is totally unacceptable. However, since I didn't have the equipment to render the files to (huge) Wav.-files, this was the best I could do. Sad but true.

Since I sold my Korg years ago, I eventually lost all the original files and programs. These MP3-files are all that remains from an early period of creativity...

Chaotic World of Sound... Isn't it?

A song that was inspired by Jean Michel Jarre.

Reminds me of a sound track for a major motion picture. It was inspired by Dan Simmon’s Endymion, the sequel to his epic science fiction novel Hyperion.

The inspiration for this song was our spooky cat Monster.

Time plays a major role in this song.

A bit Italo-like music.

This song was especially composed and performed live in Drachten in 1999, around Christmas. However, to me the composition is quite timeless.

As is usual in life, joy and sadness go hand in hand.

One of my very first compositions on the Korg X5D.

A mixture of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk.

As I can recall, this was my second song composed on the Korg X5D, now ‘updated’ with some samples.

11. World of Sound (Single Edit)

A first shot at more dance-like music, using a Magix program and some fine samples. Will not please everybody.

12. World of Sound (Bonustrack: Party Edit)

A remix of the former song.