The Cognitive Science of Religion: challenges and opportunities

Last year (2011) I participated in a two-weeks seminar at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, on the Cognitive Science of Religion. The seminar was run by Dr. Justin Barrett, a cognitive psychologist and one of the “big shots” in the field of CSR. It was a very interesting experience, and it made me realize that the CSR will be one of the major areas for discussion concerning science and religion in the coming years, since the bulk of research produced by scholars engaged in this area is growing quite rapidly.

Barrett has just published an essay titled ‘Cognitive Science of Religion: Looking Back, Looking Forward’ in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, in which he gives an overview of the field, explaining what the results of CSR research have been so far, and assesssing what the future challenges opportunities for the field are. The article is available free of charge, so anyone interested in line of research can download it as a free PDF from here:

Update, 21/03/2012: Apparently the link wasn’t working. I’ve updated the link, it should be working now.

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