How many earths? Shattering the myth of uniqueness

We are living in very interesting times indeed! We once thought that the Earth was unique in harboring life. Though it is true that scientists have not yet discovered life outside our atmosphere (despite the occasional claims to the opposite, mostly coming from fringe scientists), the plausibility of the idea that Earth is unique in…

Have British astrobiologists found extraterrestrial life?

One issue that fascinates me is the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Is there life out there? And if so, what does it look like? Is there another intelligent species somewhere? Moreover, what would be the implications of finding life elsewhere for the view we have of ourselves and our place in the universe? What consequences…

The BBC and ‘swearing aliens’

It’s as humorous as it is stupid. Brian Cox, the British astronomer and presenter of Stargazing Live, wanted to listen to a newly discovered planet live on BBC television. It was a planet that no one had listened to yet. However, Cox writes that he was notified that he was not allowed to do so….

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