How many earths? Shattering the myth of uniqueness

We are living in very interesting times indeed! We once thought that the Earth was unique in harboring life. Though it is true that scientists have not yet discovered life outside our atmosphere (despite the occasional claims to the opposite, mostly coming from fringe scientists), the plausibility of the idea that Earth is unique in the universe is starting to crumble at an increasing rate.

Today  the New Scientist came up with a startling animated website that illustrates what scientists believe about the abundance of earth-like planets in the universe, based on the data gathered by the Kepler space telescope. The website shows that what started out as an interesting issue has become a mind-blowing journey that dwarves the human imagination.

Indeed, this animated website once again has convinced me that extraterrestrial life is one of the topics that will be on the future agenda of science and religion. Theologians and religious believers can no longer ignore the fact that the uniqueness of Earth may prove to be a myth.

See the animated website “How many Earths?” here:

P.S. For those readers who are able to read Dutch, I recently have written more about extraterrestrial life and Christian theology here:

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