My Oxford-lecture on: Why is special divine action a "problem"?

A while ago I was invited by Andrew Pincent of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at Oxford University to give a lecture on how I see the problem of special divine action, especially on the way divine action is dealt with in the field of science and religion. As many know, I am quite critical about the way divine action is dealt with, as if it somehow is a scientific problem (which it isn’t). In this lecture I was able to explicate in quite some detail the reasons why I believe the discussion concerning special divine action in science and religion arises from a category mistake.

Last Thursday, 22 May, the lecture took place at Trinity College. Alister McGrath introduced me and led the discussion. The lecture and the discussion was filmed and can now be found on Youtube. I received quite some requests for the written version of the lecture, but at present I am looking for a way to publish the text. Eventually, the text will be published online, but that may take a while.

The lectures is about 50 minutes long; the total video is about 1,5 hours.

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