Blackwell Companion to Science & Christianity–out in June 2012

Finally, I already feared that the book would never see the light of day! Fortunately, I just found out that the Blackwell Companion to Science and Religion, edited by J.B. Stump and Alan Padgett, is on it’s way to being published.

According to the book will be out in June 2012 (but look below at the Addendum). With a bit of luck the publisher is able to get the book out sooner. The book is already available for pre-ordering.

My contribution to the book is a chapter on the work of Arthur Peacocke.

The description on Amazon’s website states:

A cutting-edge survey of contemporary thought at the intersection of science and Christianity.

  • Provides a cutting-edge survey of the central ideas at play at the intersection of science and Christianity through 54 original articles by world-leading scholars and rising stars in the discipline
  • Focuses on Christianity’s interaction with Science to offer a fine-grained analysis of issues such as multiverse theories in cosmology, convergence in evolution, Intelligent Design, natural theology, human consciousness, artificial intelligence, free will, miracles, and the Trinity, amongst many others
  • Addresses major historical developments in the relationship between science and Christianity, including Christian patristics, the scientific revolution, the reception of Darwin, and twentieth century fundamentalism
  • Divided into 9 Parts: Historical Episodes; Methodology; Natural Theology; Cosmology & Physics; Evolution; The Human Sciences; Christian Bioethics; Metaphysical Implications; The Mind; Theology; and Significant Figures of the 20thCentury
  • Includes diverse perspectives and broadens the conversation from the Anglocentric tradition

Addendum, 27 January 2012: I just received a notification of the editors that the Companion has been proofed and indexed and is now off into typesetting and printing. Although mentions June as the publication date, Blackwell expects the book to come out already in April.

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