Nicholas Rescher: “Productive Evolution: On Reconciling Evolution with Intelligent Design”

Nicholas Rescher is an American philosopher, an extremely productive one (or at least, he used to be like that). He has written a lot on epistemology. And he is also a theist, a religious believer.

Just a couple of minutes ago I received an e-mail from a German friend who pointed out to me that the German publisher Ontos Verlag will publish a new book by Rescher, titled Productive Evolution: On Reconciling Evolution with Intelligent Design. According to the description on the book will attempt to argue that Darwin’s evolutionary theory itself can lead to intelligent design (thus defusing the antagonism between evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design). It seems to me that Rescher wants to develop some kind of theory of “theistic evolution”, but at the same time I admit to be highly suspicious of the result. Anyway, I will postpone my judgment until I have seen the book. I just wanted to point some attention to it.

Update: I just found an interesting and quite thorough review of Rescher’s book here:

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