Is atheism a new faith? (video link)

One discussion that arises again and again is the one about the question whether atheism is a kind of faith or even a new faith. Personally, I find this a lame discussion that goes nowhere. But then I read Dawkins and I tend to agree that atheism is a faith.

I just came across a very nice video of, an interview with British philosopher Julian Baggini about exactly this vexing question. And Baggini very nicely articulates, not only what religious faith is about (and it isn’t about propositions!), but he also articulates what atheism is about. In the end he gives a very decent, implicit, but strong criticism of the position of certain “vocal atheists” – a position Baggini calls “dogmatic” and of which he agrees that this position is very close to faith. Excellent video, well worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Watch it here:

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